Bolivia muslim

Bolivian islamic center logoit is a strange and unexpected sight in the middle of bolivia, a country better known for alpaca sweaters and marxist revolutionaries, but everyday from the curved towers of a mosque in the city of santa cruz goes out the call for muslim. Statistics for islam in bolivia estimate a muslim population of around two thousand, representing 0017 % out of the total population of 11,220,000 inhabitants muslim organizations in the country include the bolivian islamic center in santa cruz, sucre and cochabamba,.

Bolivia-- key muslim converts assert local peril, ally with zealots abroad bolivia has a muslim population of 1,000 people, constituting less than on tenth of one percent of its total population a number of local islamic leaders have ties to iran or the palestinian. Meskipun sebagian besar muslim di brazil merupakan para imigran arab serta keturunan mereka namun di decade terahir telah tumbuh dengan pesat pemeluk islam mualaf dari kalangan non arab yang turut menjadi bagian dari komunitas muslim disana.

I was fortunate, by the grace of allah, to travel with a group of 6 muslim brothers to the country of bolivia our mission there was to visit the muslims in bolivia so that they can establish the effort of the prophet mohammed (saw). In bolivia religion is an important part of culture and customs many bolivian traditions, holidays and festivals are religious, usually catholic in naturehowever, bolivia is very multi-cultural there are nearly three dozen different indigenous cultures in bolivia, each with its own set of beliefs and customs, and many of these still worship or pay.

Community support for islamic center of santa cruz shout out for those who came, called, emailed or send cards as form of support to the muslim community #standformuslims. South east of bolivia is the location of the biggest salt flat in the world, uyuni salt flat music: cliff martinez - i that everybody wants (from the motio.

Bolivia muslim
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